Y Cwrlid

The design of ‘Y Cwrlid’ is an attempt to acknowledge the presence of the past in Welsh life, while also putting it in its rightful place as an undercurrent to the contemporary flow of Welsh cultural life. ‘Y Cwrlid’ points to the fact that ‘Welshness’ cannot be merely reduced to traditional visual symbols such as dragons, leeks, castles or mines, but that there is something abstract and almost ethereal in ‘Welshness’. This quality is best represented in the poetry of the nation, and it is this heartfelt yet playful quality that ‘Y Cwrlid’ tries to evoke. Using the image of Caerphilly Castle from the south, with the skin of a Carthenni pattern from Caernarfon in the north, is an explicit attempt to symbolise the connection between North and South Wales and is designed to mirror the Eisteddfod’s annual journey between North and South.“A happy collision of north and south, old and new.”

Competition Entry:
Architecture Pavilion for the Eisteddfod

February 2012