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Critical Architecture Network (CAN) is a young and energetic architecture and art practice working on a diverse mix of projects. CAN is London based and was founded in 2011.

CAN’s multi-disciplaniry approach allows it to work on a wide array of projects at any scale, ranging from fine art and furniture to architecture. CAN believe it is important to give dignity to every project they undertake, approaching each brief with an attempt to understand, problem solve, and make beautiful. An intensely thoughtful approach, drawing upon the broader cultural context of each project, has generated a continuously experimental and rigourously realized body of work.

CAN has experience working with both public and private clients and continously works with a diverse network of crafts people and members of other creative industries. At it’s core, CAN is a collaboration between Mat Barnes and Eddie Blake. They met under the tutelage of Sean Griffiths (FAT), Kester Rattenbury and Camilla Wilkinson during their Part 2 Diploma in Architecture at Westminster University.

CAN begin every project with an extremely open mind and work closely with the whole design team through all stages to deliver unique and exciting end results.

CAN is currently working on several projects including a private house remodelling in Bethnal Green, a remote artists studio in Kintyre, Scotland and a stained glass greenhouse for an upcoming group exhibition. CAN operates as a network, with Eddie & Mat bringing in specialists to create adaptive and project specific solutions.